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Computers & Wireless


Library of Bialystok University of Technology offers its users access to the Internet and the ability to use specialized software on:

  • 25 computer workstations in the Electronic Reading Room,
  • 30 computer workstations in the Reading Room,
  • 2 computer workstations in the Reading Room of Standards & Special Collections.

Internet access to the library's computers requires authorization!

Reading room with places to work for readers. Computer tables lined up in a row.Tables with computers and chairs. On the right, a gray wall with a green reading Electronic Reading Room. Readers sitting at tables with computers.


1. After starting the system (and login as „student”, password „student”) in the middle of the screen you can see a login window, where you should enter the username and the password for the account in eduroam.

Print screen of the login window

2. If the login window does not appear: in the bottom right corner you should click the icon Picture with the icon of no network connection in Windows 10 with the right mouse button. Choose the option „Rozwiąż problemy”,then wait until the login windows appears.

Print screen of the system window in windows

The eduroam network access for each student are visible after logging into the system USOSweb under "MY USOSWEB".

Print screen of the screen with the USOSweb system

4. At the end of the session SWITCH OFF THE COMPUTER – logging off is not enough !


Library of the Faculty of Architecture:

  • 5 computer workstations with internet access.

Library of the Faculty of Engineering Management:

  • 7 computer workstations with internet access.

Library of Forestry Institute Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

  • 5 computer workstations with internet access.


  1. Hardware can benefit all users of the library.
  2. Computer equipment may be used exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. In case of violation of existing rules librarian or network administrator has the right to interrupt the user’s session immediately.
  3. Librarian decides of the availability of computer workstations. If you leave the office without a declaration to the librarian, the workstation can be available to another user without the security of data retrieved earlier.
  4. It is prohibited to make changes in existing software, installing new software and using computer games.
  5. It is forbidden to use computers for profit-making purposes, the performance of any act which infringes copyright of creators or distributors of software and data.
  6. You have the right to use self-service scanner to copy only library resources accordingly to the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of 04.02.1994 as amended.
  7. Search results can be copied to your own electronic devices. It is recommended to check your devices by antivirus software before work.
  8. After working with the computer delete the files stored in the session.

WIRELESS INTERNET logo of the eduroam

The aim of eduroam service is to provide users with the scientific easy and secure connection to the network. The service can benefit every employee and student of Bialystok University of Technology having a university e-mail account in or