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Individual & teamwork rooms

Library of Bialystok University of Technology provides its users with:

  • 4 teamwork rooms (5 people)
  • 3 teamwork rooms (10 people)
  • 12 rooms for individual work

All rooms are equipped with electrical outlets for connecting you laptop. In addition several rooms are equipped with whiteboards.

Reservation of individual & teamwork rooms


  1. Individual and/or teamwork rooms are offered for the staff and students of Bialystok University of Technology at first. Other users of the library can use individual and/or teamwork rooms with the consent of the head of Sharing Department.
  2. Reservations, provisioning and maintenance of premises leads librarian in Books Reading Room.
  3. The reader who resigns from the reserved room online, is obliged to cancel the reservation.
  4. In case of booking a room at a specific time, time limit of being late is 15 minutes, after that the reservation is canceled.
  5. Individual and/or teamwork rooms are available during opening hours of Books Reading Room.
  6. Using the room is possible when you leave your library card for librarian and get the key.
  7. In individual and/or teamwork rooms you can use library materials as well as your own materials and hardware.
  8. Materials stored in closed warehouse of Library must be ordered at the librarian in Books Reading Room. They can stay in the room by all the time of using them, provided that they are not submitted by order of another user.
  9. You are fully responsible for library materials and equipment of the individual and/or teamwork room.
  10. The user is obliged to close his room every time you leave.
  11. All library materials must be returned before the closure of Book Reading Room.
  12. In justified cases librarian is entitled to enter the room, even in case of your absence.
  13. User is obliged to leave the room after working in it in such condition in which it was received and return the key to the librarian. In case of loss of key user is obliged to cover the cost of its wealth.
  14. It is forbidden to refrain the room to other people.

Book Reading Room

tel. 85 746 9324 - pok. P1/21 ("Small" Reading Room)
tel. 85 746 9325 - pok. P1/38 ("Big" Reading Room)
e-mail: bg.udostępnianie[.]