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Information Centre

Information Centre

Floor 0 (ground floor)
tel. 85 746 93 17, 85 746 93 21

Informatorium is part of the Scientific Information Division and it acts as Information Centre for the Library of Technical University of Bialystok. In this division every concerned user either in person, by phone or via email will be able to:

  • get the information related to activity of the Library i.a. book collection, digital resource and services offered by the Library,
  • expertise with finding the literature for research work. Librarians working at Scientific Information Division ascertain together with the user range and way of the research, point at the right bibliography as well as encyclopedic and lexicographical materials . Librarians also steer the users towards right units of the Technical University of Bialystok or to specialized Libraries and information centers.

It’s also a place where there is a possibility to:

  • sign up to the Library,
  • to fill in a form for electronic database remote access,
  • to set a date for a Library tour.

Informatorium also :

  • accepts publication of research workers and PhD students of Technical University of Bialystok for registration,
  • store treatises of Technical University of Bialystok students.