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Ordering books

General Lending Library users can search for and order books through ALEPH computer program.

Number of books and time of book keeping depends on the rank of the reader.

Rank of the readers Long-term lending
personnel 30 books for one year
students 15 books for 2 months
post-graduate studies listeners 2 books for 2 months
people from outside University 2 books for 2 months (with refundable deposit)

Book ordering is possible only from repertory screen – registered copies of Main Library. Repertory screen is visible after clicking the link of Main Library in the Hold (total/loan) column (picture1).

(picture 1)

After clicking link Request (picture 2) window with "Readers authorization", appears only if the reader was not authorized before. Then to place an order form appears.

(picture 2)

When placing an order it’s important to pay attention to "Validity period of order" (pl "Okres ważności zamówienia") (period of books interest). Suggested time for validity period of order is three months. After that time all unfilled orders are automatically cancelled. Reader should remember about the possibility to change(reduce/extend) validity period of order.

User can cancel the reservation from his account (Hold Requests → click to No. → Delete, polish: Zamówienia → Usuń) before the book is put on the reservation shelf in the Lending Library.
WIt’s also important to check if the books is available for lending. If column in a table has a date of return or a term ordered or reserved it means that those books are temporarily taken by other users and are not available at the time.


Orders made by readers are always printed out at full hour. Implementation may last 60 minutes. In times of increased readers movement (beginning of the academic year, new semester) time of the order execution may be extended to 2 days. Reader can check his order by logging to his account. After selecting an option Total Requests, user needs to focus on the Request status. When user puts the book at the reservation shelf notification "Reserved until:" appears, that informs when the book will be available in the Lending Library.

When user wants to order something, his account is checked for the books he has already borrowed. User can’t borrow more books than it’s written in the accepted regulations.