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Remote Database Access

Access to full-text magazines and bibliographical abstract databases outside the BUT network.

Each Library of BUT user who has a valid library account can get access to our databases from any computer. When you enter the service you have to log in

E-BOOKS and E-MAGAZINES – the use rules

  • This service is exclusively available to the staff and students of Białystok University of Technology and to the other Library of BUT users authorized to use the Library's collection and facilities on site.
  • Under the licence, the users are allowed to:
    • browse and pore over the licensed magazines,
    • print and download articles and excerpts found in the process of browsing to home computers, only for research or teaching purposes.
  • Restrictions in use:
    • copying of the complete contents of magazine issues is not allowed,
    • number of articles collected at one time should be deriving from the real needs of scientific and scientific teaching,
    • materials cannot be directly or indirectly used for:
      • regular copying,
      • any re-distributing, selling or secondary licensing, including chargeable and free of charge services (inter-library borrowing),
      • regular supplying or redistributing to people who are not authorized users,
    • license for the use of electronic services prohibit the creation of local archives on the basis of available databases.
Any violations of the rules may result in the database shut off by the service provider.

Online books and magazines, their contents, including abstracts are protected by copyright.