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Books Reading Room

Books Reading Room

ul. Zwierzyniecka 16, 15-333 Białystok
Floor 1, room 21, 38
tel. 85 746 9325, 85 746 9324

On the first floor Library of Bialystok University of Technology provides collections of open access. Readers may make an independent choice of literature and borrow books without the possibility of booking and reserving them earlier.

Open access means that the reader:

  • does not need to fill receipts for books,
  • is provided with free and unfettered choice of materials,
  • finds books on shelves alone (after checking the computer catalog symbol of division in which the item is set and the call number of the book),
  • can use the literature in any place of Reading Room,
  • can scan needed parts of books on specialized equipment.

Used books must be placed on library trolleys.

Free access to collection of books of Library of Bialystok University of Technology is made by specific subject collections, which juxtaposition of books from various branches of knowledge. The basis for the creation of collection is the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) with the numeric notation decimal – from 0 to 9.
Collections are arranged in two Books Reading Rooms on first floor. Readers can move from books to both of the reading rooms.

In the "Big" Book reading Room (P.38) are collections from the following areas:

  • 0 – General Directory. Learning. Informatics. Management.
  • 1 – Philosophy. Psychology.
  • 2 -  Religion. Theology. Religious Studies.
  • 3 – Social Sciences. Law. Administration.
  • 5 – Mathematics. Physics. Chemistry.
  • 61 – Medicine.
  • 62 – Engineering. Technology in general.
  • 63 – Agriculture. Forestry. Breeding. Animal production. Hunting. Fishing.
  • 65 – Publishing Industry. The organization of the company. Accounting. Advertising.

In the "Small" Book reading Room (P.21) are collections from the following areas:

  • 66 – Chemical Industry. Chemical Technology.
  • 67/68 – Various types of industry and trade.
  • 69 – Industry and crafts of building. Materials, components and construction works.
  • 7 – Art. Entertainment. Sport.
  • 8 – Linguistics.
  • 9 – Archeology. Prehistory. Geography. Biography. History.

Books in the reading room were covered with colored stripes, which are allocated to particular areas of knowledge.

See: Book collection arrangement in the Library Reading Rooms and Universal Decimal Classification.

Each shelf is labeled. Both on the shelf and on the top of each of the shelves is a symbol and the heading word of UDC development. Within each department books are arranged accordingly to increasing numbers of call numbers of books. Call number is book number visible on the outside of the cover of each volume.


The reading room books can be loaned, and some of them can only be used in library.

  • Those marked with a red stripe can be rented for 3 hours or at time of closure of the library. Books lent at closure time of the library should be received back before 9 a. m. at the day of opening of the library. This allows you self – service book return opened around the clock.
  • Books without red stripes can be loaned for 7 days.
  • Copies having form of a binder as well as brochures are available only in library.


Borrowing books from the Reading Room can be done on the self-check with the use of active student`s card.

Self-Check device

To do your own borrowing/return you should:

  • scan the barcode from student`s card,
  • check if your personal data are correct,
  • put the books on the shelf of the self-check,
  • check if all items have been loaded correctly,
  • choose the button „Borrow”/”Return”,
  • you can also print a receipt with the date and time of return. 
Keep in mind that every reader manages and continuously checks the status of his/her account by himself/herself.
If you have any doubt, you should ask a librarian for assistance. You can do this also by e-mail or telephone.


In case of returns overdue, there is a fee charged:

  • 0,20 PLN per day (up to 20 PLN) for each book form warehouse or borrowed from Specialist Library for a period of one year or two months,
  • 10 PLN per day (up to 50 PLN) per item when you loan books from Books Reading Room or Specialist Library for a period of seven days,
  • 1 PLN for every hour after the deadline of return (up to 50 PLN) per item when you loan books from Books Reading Room or Specialist Library for 3 hours or at the closing time of the library.

Library fines can be payed in the Lending Room. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to the account of Bialystok University of Technology:

30 1240 1154 1111 0000 2148 7604

with a note "The fee for overdue books, the name and surname of the reader".