Bases of achievements of BUT employees

Base of Knowledge of BUT

It contains information on publications and scientific achievements as well as professional activity of employees, doctoral students and students of Bialystok University of Technology. Comprises complete data on publications since 2013.

In the database you can find information on publications, works, doctorates, diploma theses and research potential – patents, apparatus, laboratories.

The database is also a university repository in which full texts of publications and doctoral dissertations are archived in a digital version. Research data can be stored there.


Database of publications and artistic achievements

It contains complete information about the University’s scientific achievements from 1960 to June 2019. It documents publications whose authors are employees of Bialystok University of Technology employed in scientific, didactic, research and teaching, library, technical and administrative positions, and since 2007 also students of doctoral studies.

The database records both scientific achievements and publications concerning the cultural and social life of the University.